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HAN is a musical project by Vitor Joaquim and Emidio Buchinho, born of a desire for reencounter between the two creators after 32 years of separate paths. Having begun his activity in 1980 under the name of Clã (previous to the Portuguese pop band Clã) the duo is now back on track, ready for concerts and with their first album on hand. Although they occasionally met in concert, since they discontinued the Clã project, the musical encounters were always fleeting and improvisational. With this album, the duo seeks to revisit the compositional process and release the collaboration that never came to record. As they say, by that time they didn’t believe in records! Tuning the Invisible, the title of the album, reflects that change towards the recording process, recovering themes that have always been part of their concerns, especially oriented to the observation of the world according to a principle of detachment from things and respect for the forces of nature. The album preparation was divided into two phases. In a first phase they sought to recover and retake the old composition strategies, based mainly on improvisation as a compositional process in which the guitar was played by Emidio Buchinho and simultaneously re-played and processed in real time by Vitor Joaquim. Recorded directly to stereo in a continuous format across all themes, the result was subject in a second phase to the improvisations of Carlos Zíngaro and Ulrich Mitzlaff, two regular collaborators on stage. The various recorded versions were then subject to editing and rewriting in studio by Emidio Buchinho and Vitor Joaquim. Nuno Canavarro was the third invited musician, having recorded on his own studio, also in a free improvisation context.
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