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Sontag Shogun The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan

'Lush, epic and uplifting...totally recommended' Drifting, Almost Falling ​ 'An utterly affectionate and adorable aural apparition, ‘the things we let fall apart’ emerging frosted and fragile, delicately sculptured in thawing ice tones, the symphonics delicately shy eyed and whispered are breathlessly beguiled by a graceful neo classical hush, the effect really is entrancing as it is teasingly brief, sitting somewhere between a very youthful Mum and Smile Down Upon Us. ‘thunderswan’ over on the flip is expressed with the kind of poise and musical poetry that shimmers and twinkles to those early post YMO outings from Ryuichi Sakamoto, its minimal toning sweetly gathering to blossom into caressing cinematic crushes dappled in surrendering sepia hazes, a most exquisite and rarefied thing of bewitching beauty.'The Sunday Experience (Mark Losing Today) ​ 'Sontag Shogun and moskitoo craft small and cherished sculptures throughout “The Things We Let Fall Apart/The Thunderswan”. Little moments go a long way, for the hushed reverence the two pieces explore allow for the tiny flourishes to become magnified...allowing the two pieces to work together, to climb great peaks and become things of true majesty.' Beach Sloth
  • The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan
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