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XVARR Echoes Of Time

'Echoes of Time' sees the return of XVARR, this time to Good Morning Tapes' vinyl imprint, with extended versions of two workings from GMT13 (Serpent Power). Using sounds from early (circa 1992) experiments with metal, 'Past Masters' captures a feeling of youthful anger and perhaps purity (or naivety). Reference to Past Masters is used to highlight the need to juxtapose present iterations of Self with the vitality of previously discarded versions. Also appearing on Serpent Power (GMT13) in an edited form and composed in 2018, the title track 'Echoes of Time' was created using the Buchla Music Easel. The intended mood is one of serenity and perhaps even hope, with a view to create the sonic means by which one may transcend the trappings of linear time. These tracks are joined by two other workings: 'She Healed Him in Her' Sleep (originally planned for CD release in 2009), was composed after an extended trip to India, which left a profound impression on XVARR’s later creative pursuits. It explores the restorative dimension of love and the mystical role of sleep. And finally, 'Terminal Manoeuvre' layers an improvised wistful melody with tonal drone - designed to instil a sense of nostalgia and longing for respite from this terrestrial bondage. With artwork from Egypte Erotique
  • Echoes Of Time
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