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Sociedade Da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Sociedade Da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta: Sessão Das 10

Innovative and full of artistic experiments, “Sociedade da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta Sessão das Dez” is the result of the sessions that involved the participation of the four kavernists, Raul Seixas, Edy Star, Sérgio Sampaio and Miriam Batucada in 1971. This record, important in the chronology of national music, returns to stores, in a 180 gram disc, through the collection "Classics in Vinyl", by Polysom. The LP has twelve tracks, ranging from “Chorinho Inconsequente” to the samba “Aos Trancos e Barrancos”, including songs that contemplate the different elements of forró, in “Quero Ir”, and sixties rock, in “Dr. Paxeco ”. In one of the first works of his career, Raul Seixas exclusively signs four songs on the album, in addition to participating in the authorship of two others.
  • Sociedade Da Gr-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta: Sesso Das 10
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