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BAUHAUS Issue 11 - Centenary

The Bauhaus Magazine No. 11 appears at the end of the Bauhaus centenary year. A review as a preview: What was, what remains and, above all, what follows at Bauhaus Dessau after “100 Years of Bauhaus”? It looks back on an eventful jubilee and captures special moments, atmospheres, encounters and insights. The Bauhaus magazine No. 11 shows what radical ideas the Bauhaus today inspires 100 young architecture students from all over the world, poses the question of what a Bauhaus school could be today, dances on stage, rumbles in the building research archive, visits the new Bauhaus Museum Dessau and experiences the Dessau Bauhaus buildings in a completely new way. She meets Bauhaus experts and discoverers, fans and skeptics, tourists and performance artists, historians and future designers. Bauhaus 10 is dedicated to the topic of "standard" from a historical and contemporary perspective. It presents modern patents as well as Carl Fiegers Wohnmaschine or Konrad Wachsmann's prefabricated house system. The magazine meets DIN inventors and Neufert experts, Bauhaus agents and norm innovators and approaches the "standard questions" with architects, artists and mediation experts. The magazine itself is also a typographic experiment with standards. The designers of the Munich Graphic Agency have subjected themselves to rules: They use Arial as one of the standard fonts of the digital age and consistently set the magazine in a single font size.
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