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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Musa Utópica is a collection of sensual episodes. By definition, she inspires you but you’ll never have her. This is the audio proof of an endless impossibility. Dream on. Druuna Jaguar is the musical project of Jorge Mantas. Born in Évora, Portugal, in 1972 and without any previous musical training but with many years of research and listening, he began his first sound experiments in 2007 with The Beautiful Schizophonic moniker, exploring in depth the affective properties of sound through long atmospheric drones. He released 7 albums at labels from the United States, Japan, France and Portugal and performed live in London and Paris and, in Portugal, at Casa da Música, among other places. With the recent Druuna Jaguar moniker, the aesthetic orientation has changed radically by incorporating into his musical language elements from the more visceral noise but also from musique concrète, never abandoning at all his fascination for mercurial drones. The electronic modular synthesis recently proposed shows a refined approach on the deepest properties of listening.
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