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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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VITOR RUA Electronic Music 1995-2010

This selection of music is but a drop taken from the vast digital archive Vítor Rua uploaded to the usual online platforms over the years. Emotional but also its alleged opposite, robotic. Dynamic and physical, as suggested by the misleading title "Dance Music" that designates the last section, but also mesmerizingly repetitive, hypnotic. A perpetual groove re-engineered by the constant sliding in and out of focus of our attention. Headphone listening advised. Rua co-founded the pop band GNR in 1980 and left (or "fired") the rest of the band in 1982 to concentrate on Telectu, a long-standing experimental duo he maintained with Jorge Lima Barreto. Over the years he also applied his boundless creativity to numerous collaborations, production work and solo output. "Electronic Music 1995-2010" showcases a host of alien music rescued from online oblivion.
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