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THE FUNAMBULIST ISSUE 31 - September-October 2020

Politics of Food is an open-ended examination of various dimensions behind food and the act of cooking: labor, ingredients, memories, identity, self-orientalization, marooning, infrastructure, transportation, societal hierarchies and, as usual with us, space. The main dossier includes four texts (each associated to a recipe generously provided by our contributors) about the history of jerk, a Jamaican Maroon cooking style born in the struggle for existence against slavery (Tao Leigh Goffe), the links between the Caribbean and the diaspora in the U.K. through the well-known ‘opposition’ of bananas and plantains (Akil Scafe-Smith), the veganist solidarity with the struggle against Indian structural casteism and anti-Muslim racism, despite what may seem to oppose them at first sight (Rama Ganesan), and the personal and political wanderings of a chef between the Indian Konkan Coast and Marseille (Zuri Camille de Souza). It also includes three interviews about the relationship between food production, colonialism, and ecocide (Cooking Sections), the idea of reparations for Black folks through food demonstrations (Tunde Wey), as well as the numerous political daily dimensions involved in being a chef in Bethlehem, Palestine (Fadi Kattan, interviewed by Funambulist-friend Karim Kattan).
  • ISSUE 31 - September-October 2020
  • ISSUE 31 - September-October 2020
  • ISSUE 31 - September-October 2020
  • ISSUE 31 - September-October 2020


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