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LIONEL MARCHETTI La Grande Vallée / Micro-Climat

La Grande Vallée (1993/95) Musical composition, design and sound production carried out at the INA grm Studios (Paris) in 1993/95 Original audio recordings in the Drôme and the Mont Ventoux areas Commissioned by INA GRM and produced in its studios Premiered during the Cycle Acousmatique/Maison de Radio France, INA grm (Paris) in 1996 Micro-Climat (1989/90) Micro-climat is the first movement of the Sirrus cycle (Micro-climat, Passerelle, Sirrus) composed in 1989/90 Musical composition, sound design and production, audio recordings in 1989/90 at the CFMI studios in Lyon (Lumière University, Lyon 2) Premiered at Cycle Acousmatique/Maison de Radio France, INA grm (Paris) in 1991
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