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Gustavo Costa Entropies and Mimetic Patterns

Gustavo Costa is a musician and an artist with numerous talents guided by a constant exploration of the limits of listening. He is a drummer, an instrument maker, a creator of new sounds, a sound sculptor, a teacher, a programmer, and a generous booster of the contemporary music and sound art that is made in Portugal nowadays. After 30 years of an intense connection with the musical universe, Gustavo decided to present his first solo album with the instrument he plays since his childhood- the drums and the percussion. Entropies and Mimetic Patterns is a surprising record that gives us the sense of a patient and meticulous concentration as if his entire journey converged to get here. To the entropy, which represents the disorder and the randomness, Gustavo responds with patterns that induce a sensation of presence, closeness. He’s just a musician in front of his instrument, but communion remains, as if, once again, sharing guides his purposes. This album is composed of this exploratory sensibility, a personal record in which Gustavo organizes chaos and percussive energy into complex and unexpected rhythms. Do not expect regularity or simplicity, because rhythms flow incessantly with any kind of easy structure, but with almost supernatural strength. The record is composed of a series of short tracks, alternating between percussive minimalism and primitive beats, stripped-down, without any production tricks. Entropies and Mimetic Patterns is a record full of resonances, in which Gustavo uses percussion to achieve the intangible and the drums to provoke pulsion, traveling in the abstract with remarkable physicality
  • Entropies and Mimetic Patterns
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