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Illustration School Porto Descentralised Illustration

With climate crisis and all its many dimensions—political, financial, social, cultural—pedagogy can’t be one dimensional, and disciplines can’t afford to be self-centered. The Illustration School is then concerned with making bridges between disciplines, having illustration and its specificities as a point of departure. Food via illustration and illustration via food become a research tool, and vehicle to counter a discipline such as illustration that has become tendentiously technological, with an over-focus on technical skills. Food allows illustration to promote togetherness, to question the implications of personal decisions and the potential of collective action to face systemic challenges. The Illustration School is then a continuous lab, infused with field-research and documentation. In the context of the summer edition of the school in 2019, this book was edited, assembled and produced during the confinement provoked by the global pandemic of 2020. It encourages to see the relevance of what we do in these particularly difficult times. What was of value? What has been planted? How can we contribute meaningfully to a better society? And what role might illustration play in such complex times? These are questions with no easy, nor single, answer. We hope to continue discovering and improving it together—it’s the only way we can change it. During this period, we give value to the times we spent together, discovering and embracing difference and diversity, and the potential of a discipline that we share an interest.
  • Descentralised Illustration
  • Descentralised Illustration
  • Descentralised Illustration
  • Descentralised Illustration
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