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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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"Restless and shapeshifting whilst constantly darting between language and genre - from delicate but scratchy folk in Greek via blunt and witchy drum machine punk in German and wordless yet French-titled blown out gong bath gone wrong, to a deliriously catchy camp-fire chant in what might be Italian (??), this is a complete one off. There are occasional signposts though. There is a mysterious collaged quality that could be something in the Förlag För Fri Musik universe. The slightly screwy attitude and scant regard for fidelity could have shown up on Siltbreeze, whilst the sudden moments of hushed beauty emerging out of the murk could be from any number 90s NZ lathe-cut oneaways. Although, it’s effortlessly modern, but as obscure and enticing as anything you could only hope to land up through endless Discogs scouring or the most advanced search tactics. Underground records come and go, sometimes you close the case and file the record away thinking no more about it. But sometimes it’s not that straight forward. Some remain pleasurably unsolved mysteries, itches that can’t ever quite be scratched, stone whodunnits. This is one of those, so glad it’s back..." All Night Flight
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