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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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PT MUSIK Não Sou Perfeito

PT Musik is by now a long-standing alias of (former) Puto Tito, whose outstanding early teens productions still sound vibrant ("Carregando A Vida Atrás Das Costas" sits proudly as number 26 in our catalogue). And a jump into Space. Ample vistas. Extremely romantic, synthetic, beautiful, fully-formed instrumental songs that, although short in duration, have the powerful effect of lingering in our mind. You want this groove to last forever but that is not his way. These are short statements that work within a kizomba frame to fish us out of the bad bad sea of aching and leave us under a spell pretty much forever. Equally short is the only semblance of lyric, a simple, impossibly sexy "então...", charged with intention and possibilities. In "Tudo acabou", longing becomes epic, and the producer's signature fades out into silence. That is the last thing we hear on this record. Yes yes, only 10 minutes. But the effect is that of a recurring dream. It becomes a part of who you are.
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