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Anders Lauge Meldgaard At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet Tid

Anders Lauge Meldgaard releases his first album as part of the composer collective and label År & Dag (Eng. Year & Day) ”At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet tid” (Eng. Singing The World Into A New And Manifold Time) will be released on the 6th of April 2018 on vinyl and digital. This is the first release by the composer Anders Lauge Meldgaard, after his alias Frisk Frugt has vanished in the sky. ”At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet tid” was composed during Anders Lauge Meldgaard’s period as composer in residence at the old Danish castle Rønnebæksholm on the south of Zealand. He has previously released music as Frisk Frugt, Supermelle, Music for Six Electric Guitars, Kirsten Ketsjer and been a part of the experimental collective yoyooyoy. This release marks, that Anders Lauge Meldgaard has taken on new musical adventures by composing for an ensemble of classical musicians. But the music still holds flavours and colours form his earlier works, because of the fact that it combines elements of minimalism, romanticism, electronic music, contemporary composition and improvisation. The piece of work is a sound experiment in eight different tempi. Like crystals turning round on a string, where the light splits in every changing ways. Where every musician plays his/her own individual tempo, assisted by an Arduino mini computer. An autonomous ensemble of eight young musicians from the Danish contemporary music scene is performing “At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet tid”. This ensemble was put together with the help of violinist Bettina Marie Ezaki who is also a member of the string quartet Halvcirkel. The piece was premiered at Rønnebæksholm and has since been performed at Click Festival, Copenhagen Jazzhouse and Copenhagen Jazzfestival. Anders Lauge Meldgaard ”At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet tid” will be released on vinyl + digital the 6th of April 2018 on År & Dag. The vinyl edition features an engraving by the composer and the album cover is cut out in paper with a silkscreen print by visual artist Kasper Lynge Jensen. Released in 300 hand-assembled copies.
  • At Synge Verden Ind I En Ny Og Mangefoldet Tid
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