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Oyisse Elembo

Launching Hakuna Kulala's new club white label series, is young Congolese, Kampala-based DJ & producer Oyisse. Oyisse drops a pure gem of a debut EP featuring 4 fresh tracks of slower and somber forward-thinking club music bridging abstract electronics, obscure gqom and trap with various Central African influences, rude esoteric voices from Congolese singer, Sekelemebele and a cascade of futurist imagination. A clever, harmonious balance of kicks and sophisticated experimentation that will grace our ears and bodies on the floor. BOOMKAT REVIEW Hakuna Kulala kick off a new white label series with the pressurised debut from Congolese, Kampala-based DJ/producer Oyisse with four kongo tekno drillers Chasing up that zinger from Leon Duncan, ‘Elembo’ extends a fierce introduction to Oyisse’s inch-tight mutations of gqom, dancehall and Congolese rhythms, including a barking banger starring the hoarse bars of Sekelembele. It’s proper, upfront body music in a guess-again style that Nyege Nyege Tapes’ sibling label Hakuna Kulala have taken to heart, offering a strong taste of nightlife in the Ugandan capital that’s bound to catch fire in clubs across the world. The two A-side cuts hew to a slower dancehall/dembow tempo, with the staggered kicks and grinding flow of ‘Dark Side’ echoing Afro-Caribbean currents as much as industrial mutations from Shanghai, while ‘Ekopola’ hits with the might of The Big productions, placing urgent Sekelembele vocals on a shark-eyed blend of ragga and gqom rhythms articulated with a tekno intensity. No doubt the B-side keeps it lip-bitingly on point, squaring up craftier staccato drums recalling Nazar’s hard kuduro rhythms in ‘Pema’, while ’Skunk’ exerts a danker spin on the kind of gqom experiments explored by Menzi, but again taking it back to source in Congolese rhythms. Stone cold tip!
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