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Stanley Schtinter, et al Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales 2​.​0

imited to 50 copies only, this is a DVD + CD boxset. This release is PHYSICAL ONLY. There is no digital download. Described as 'the People's Vote Turner Prize winner', this release comprises the short film (DVD) documenting the word-for-word recreation of Princess Diana's funeral at Salford's The White Hotel, along with the full, unedited audio recording (CD) from the ceremony. Comes with myriad printed matter on riso plus a sticker featuring Stanley Schtinter's 'Purge Royal Standard Flag' (designed to drape over Diana's second coffin), and reviews from the London Review of Books and the Daily Star. Film by Stanley Schtinter. Cinematography by Louis Benassi, Matthew Carter, Susu Laroche. With: Jonathan Meades, Chris Petit, James Norton, Isabel Sutton, Lijana Siuchina, Alice Stephenson, Austin Collings, Rob Thornber, Louis Benassi, Stanley Schtinter. Music by Mariachi Rey. Audio mastered by James Torrance. Filmed on location at The White Hotel, Salford, with thanks to Ben Ward, Lucy Blackledge and all TWH workers and mourners. Event produced by Austin Collings. Design by Traven T. Croves with images from the film and photographs by Ben Jackson; the ‘Purge Royal Standard’ flag by Schtinter.
  •  Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales 2​.​0
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