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Phonophilia Research Lab A System of Circles and Spheres

Time for our 5th tape and back to new Portuguese acts, now with the debut tape “A System of Circles And Spheres” by Phonophilia Research Lab - triggered by Duarte Maltez (The Landscape Pavilion) and João Pinto. A kind of soft mecanische orgel musik, for the digital era, based in endless marathons at their studio. A fine soundtrack for your headphones at the planetarium or that Olympic cycling in the frozen daybreak. Space Age imagery and its endless futuristic aesthetics have influenced a lot of musicians since mid 20th century. Much of it was indeed seminal or prophetic, others were just Post-war optimism feeding the Hi-Fi boom. After the Italian vague of supernatural organs (magic chords, galactic or cosmic presets) comes the Japanese invasion of The Church of Synthology and all collapsed into the one-fingering keyboardists with endless presets - new protagonists for a presumed future music. The backbone is now the transistor (hail the new king) and waveforms are now dressed in fashion design clothes. Synth-driven music, a shimmer of moonlight and a background for skywatchers annual dinner - telescope it!
  • A System of Circles and Spheres
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