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Adriatico Book Club Lonely at the Party

Lonely at the Party is a publication created on the occasion of the party-event of the same name hold in 2020 at Torretta Metaforte (Cavallino Tre-Porti). The curators, Eleonora Bonino, Valerio Conti, Pauline Maure, Stefano Pelosato and Giulia Savorani, former students of the Master in Moving Images Arts of the IUAV University of Venice, gathered during the fateful summer 2020 and created a time-specific non-binding event, where one could experience a lonely party. The event was built as a theatrical show, combining moving images, performances, concerts, elixir and panacea. The publication is a trace of this event. It is two-sided. The first side is the result of a correspondence between the curators during the pandemic, an alternative communication system to video calling inspired by the surrealist game Cadavre Exquis. Once unfolded, the poster shows islands of floating text, colliding and fragmenting, like the rubble left by an earthquake. On this side, one can see the contributions of the artists who showed their work during the party: Leandro Agrò , Eta Carinae, Anna Ceccolin, Martina Citarella Correa & Gastón Blumen, Valerio Conti, Pierluca Ditano, Camilla Mazzocato, Pauline Maure, Stefano Pelosato, Francesca Rocchi, Giulia Savorani, Alessandro Vangi. The copies distributed contain a QR code that directs to the film "Lonely at the Party" (15'27'') made by Pauline Maure. The event was hosted by Torretta Metaforte, an independent space located in the Venetian lagoon, in Cavallino Tre-Porti, a place constitutively refractory to a systematic framing, founded on the spontaneous relationship between individuals without membership constraints nor hierarchical frameworks, on spontaneous alliances and on falling in love. (Cosimo Ferrigolo, Associazione Metaforte). Adriatico Book Club September 2020 Italian / English 24.5 x 34 cm 8 pages / folded poster Bichrome ISBN: 978-8-89848-860-5 Texts by Malvina Borgherini and Cosimo Ferrigolo Produced by MetaForte and MOVIES—Moving Images Arts Designed by Martina Citarella Correa and Camilla Mazzocato
  • Lonely at the Party
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