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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Oficina Arara BOOK X + II

The present Vade-Retrum-Mécum-Magnum-Ó!tupus-Moto-Cangurulatório appears at the time of the glimpse of 10 years of insistence of the Arara Workshop, successively postponed by sisyphic delusions, collective disruptions, pandemics and other alienist inversions, appearing now in the form of corpse, sometimes weird, in the year 2022, after 12 synchronized to the moon of the flock of birds and their patafurdicóphobic companions ~ Book designed by: Irina Pereira, João Alves, Luís Silva and Miguel Carneiro / Conflict Mediator: Pedro Nora
  • BOOK X + II
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