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ARCHIVIO Issue 7: The Seventies Issue (1973)

Michele De Lucchi and Fausto Paravidino, Mimmo Jodice and Dante Ferretti walk us through this issue of Archivio on its journey backwards through the Twentieth Century, to focus on the 1970s, between desire for change and deep tensions, utopian impulses and oblique gazes. The world of 1973 featured in this issue revolves and hovers around a city that is a bottomless pit of history—Naples and the cholera epidemic of 1973; Naples and the threat of bradyseism in 1970; Naples and its burning bowels in 1979; Naples and a woman in 1974 who set herself on fire in bed in a criminal lunatic asylum; Naples and the great photographer Mimmo Jodice, who throughout the decade delved into the belly of the beast to bring to light the darkness of its depths, in black and white. And then: A conversation with the Academy Award-winning production designer Dante Ferretti / A portrait of John Alcorn as the graphic designer who changed the italian editorial panorama / Fausto Paravidino plays Fiction Exquis / A letter written by Michele De Lucchi about his juvenile years as a radical architect / A tv-documentary by Loredana Rotondo (one of the authors of the seminal Processo per stupro) transcribed in words / A letter by Mimmo Jodice who remembers his years as an activist-photographer / A tour of the archive of the beauty and product photographer Franco Bottino / An epistolary conversation with the Sublime Frequencies label co-founder Alan Bishop.
  • Issue 7: The Seventies Issue (1973)


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