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BRANDON LABELLE Radical Sympathy

“Questions of interdependency and care have gained broader urgency within today’s planetary environment. From the pressing need to work at post-carbon futures to the challenges surrounding our covid-19 realities, understandings of care-work and co-existence require ever-greater imagination and engagement. This includes ways of attending to the politics of care, the systems of neoliberal extraction and their toxic projects, and the uneven power relations through which solidarity must work. The publication, Radical Sympathy, gathers a diversity of voices and perspectives with the aim of capturing methods and expressions of care and communal effort, as well as theoretical reflections on sympathy as a position of caring-for. While sympathy may carry connotations of charity, as that which acts from a distance, the publication underscores sympathy as a mobilizing force, contributing to forms of action and critical-concern especially when faced with global challenges. As Stephen Darwall argues, sympathy is a feeling or emotion that responds to an apparent threat or obstacle to another’s well-being. In contrast to empathy, as feeling what others feel, sympathy is responsive and the basis for action. Jane Bennett further argues in Influx and Efflux how sympathy may move from personal compassion to impersonal force, from scenes of familiarity and proximity to broader relations and recognition. (…)”



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