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ZINES #4-2022 – An International Journal on Amateur and DIY Media

4th issue of the international journal on amateur and DIY media, bringing together contributions on fanzine readers, Tolkien-zines, the place of a female author in the scene of cinema fanzines in Greece, the artistic project Copie Machine, the fanzine as a societal springboard. Featuring: - Ursula-Helen Kassaveti, What it feels like for a Girl in the Greek Cult Film Word. Autoethnography of a Zinester. - Alexandrine Bonoron, « Une oasis d'horreur dans un désert d'ennui ». ToiletPaper et le kitsch éditorial. - Karolann St-Amand, Etude de la figure de lectrice / Lecteur de zines à Montréal. - Laura Martin-Gomez, Playing with frontiers: Tolkien-zines, between fandom and academia. - Melanie Stockton-Brown, To leave a whisper of myself in the world: A zinester testimony. - antoine lefebvre editions & Laura-Morsch-Kihn, A look back at Copie Machine: Temporary Photocopy Zones. - Samuel Etienne, The importance of fanzines in contemporary societies. Letters from France Published twice a year by Strandflat, edited by Samuel Etienne, ZINES is an international peer journal dedicated to studies of amateur and do-it-yourself media of any kind, from fanzines to webzines, perzines to science zines, artzines to poezines, etc. ZINES is multi-disciplinary and opened to all scientific disciplines, from social sciences to medical sciences, art and design, media studies, etc. The first aim of the journal is to study the involvement of amateurs in the production of mediascapes, from printing form to cybermedia. It also addresses the impact of zine making for personal or collective sociabilization, especially in closed environments such as carceral or medical centres. The second aim is to examine the production of new form of communication by amateurs leading to the publication of media with a strong DIY ethos, including scholars who invent new forms of dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  • #4-2022  An International Journal on Amateur and DIY Media
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