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PAUL ARAMBULA Submarine, Walk Thru This World With Me

Although he has lived in Berlin for most of the past decade, Paul Arambula has always been close-by on the localized level of Gilgongo Records. Living in Arizona, it would have been impossible to not find Paul: From his “legendary if you caught them as the opener for your band’s Phoenix tour date” group The Chandails (who had a raw pop sound that could draw comparisons to both The Clean and Velvet Underground, to eclectic post-punk trios Vegetable (who had a 7” on the label clear back in 2010) and Mall, as permanent satellite member of the band Soft Shoulder. Paul’s solo output has ranged from primitive guitar to noise-assault poetry, and this release finds him in a variety of contexts over the course of a 7” and CD. The 7” features two versions of the song ‘Submarine’, the “proper” of which finds influence in both “guitar” and glam as well as Half Japanese, and the “less proper” rendition, a 19 second sketch track from many years ago: recorded for a short-song project when he was (soon to be) 19 years old. The CD features the first edition of what is intended to function as a “radio show”.... A sprawling, hour-long collage of Robert Wyatt style keyboard-songs, field recordings and spoken word which function as a journal of observation and reinterpretation.
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