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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Henrique Loff Silva Horror Vacui, Amor Infiniti

This work explores primarily the strange concept of the «infinite». The trigger for this research, as paradoxical as it may seem, was a set of photographs of a single type of objects — small closed boxes. A closed box is never empty. Imagination senses a treasure in it. An open box, on the other hand, exposes its interior space to the laws of reason: everything inside it is demonstrable. But a small closed box, despite its enclosing boundaries which limit an intimate space, always contains something unrestrained, a vast «sense of possibility». This space is not «empty», it is not ruled by the idea of «nothingness», because we surrender to what does not end, to what is infinite. Therefore, our imaginative power flourishes not only in the vastness of an «outer» realm. On the contrary, it is inside a circumscribed, enclosed, small space, in an «interior» domain, where a kind of liberation from the demands of dimensions usually takes place. Imagination transcends the disagreements between the «inside» and the «outside», between the big and the small. Imagination creates a poetic space inside a box — it gives it more space than it objectively has. Imagination gets lost in the «inner» space, in the closed space, in the intimate space — in the infinite space. So, when we are confronted with the terrible discomfort of the idea of «emptiness», we always try to find the mysterious charm of infinity.
  • Horror Vacui, Amor Infiniti
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