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Linseed Journal Volume 1 - The Apple

LINSEED is a journal of cultural entanglement In part, a tapestry: stitching through geographic boundaries and historical divides. A patchwork: gathering texture from near and far. Come winter, a tangled thicket, twitching with quiet curiosity. In summer a dancing stream, cool currents in its depths. Its maker knows not the length of thread required, nor the appearance of its final pattern. Still, they stitch: preserving remnants of lives lived; darning holes in our collective memory. It chases the contemporary moment, mapping a constellation of ideas. And it hunts for our heritage, yielding a wellspring of unspoken wisdom. An almanac of seasonal graft, and a larder of local lore. /// Volume One: THE APPLE £19.00 A celebration of cultural crossover and local identity, through the lens of The Apple. Our first edition assembles over forty emerging and established talents from around the world, finding new unity in print. Each offers a local lens on culture in all its guises, from pre-history to the present. We rove through ideas spanning caravanning, canals and contemporary craft, to food history, folk song and fibre art. We welcome artists reflecting on the ecology of Mexico and Tasmania; journalists reporting from Kenya and Nova Scotia, and writers drawing from their neighbourhoods in Glasgow, New York and our own home, in East London.
  • Volume 1  - The Apple


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