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Amateur Hour Framtiden Tillhör Inte Oss

2nd press for the second LP of indie pop meets industrial dreaming from Gothenburg heroes Amateur Hour. "It’s like two halves of the same uncomfortable feeling. The strange but true meeting of the mawkish sweetness of indie pop and the psychically damaged acting-out of industrial and noise has a long tail. Moments of heartfelt song emerging from the murk of an Xpressway cassette, the wailing debris plus cute pop of Henry’s Dress/Black Tambourine/Sunny Sundae Smile era MBV, the whole Blackest aesthetic.. like a TG flash sewn on to a Marks and Spencer’s Cardigan, it’s a hard move to pull off. With this second LP (I missed the first one) Amateur Hour announced themselves to me anyway, as the modern masters of this balancing act. Real pop commitment, a TVPs cover and a song the really sounds like Rozalla’s Everybody’s Free, meet just the right amount of clang, clatter and hiss to produce an awkward classic. Sugar and vinegar in the same paper cut." - All Night Flight Records
  • Framtiden Tillhr Inte Oss
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