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GEORGE SILVER Inocente Indecente

George Silver's (aka André Neves) new record is a dialectical exercise around impulse and form; an attempt to channel the flow that precedes language and to stop, listen, and go back under the commitment not to compromise it. A conversation from himself about creating with the awareness that everything already seems to have been created, without losing the awe of revelation. The ten themes of the record (composed and recorded during 2021 and under the auspices of the Creation Scholarship of the OUT. RA) crosses territories of transcultural beatific contemplation (like in "Jardim", a meditation of meeting between Brazil, West Africa and Southwest Asia), of electronic chill for a restless sunset ("Insultório" or "Pessoas são ilhas") or of synthpunk (in "Bom petisco" we imagine, as if heard from the other side of the river, a collaboration between Suicide and Scúru Fitchádu), to end placidly in a Parisian esplanade not-necessarily of this century ("Última rodada"). Between transversal motives that permanently refer to the music of a fourth world that is all civilizations and none in particular, Silver's being-in-the-world is revealed - in all places and in all times where his music is imagined, inside the flux that precedes his language, everything is known but nothing is known. -Rui Pedro Dâmaso
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