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The Strange Girls It's OK To Be Happy (1999-2001)

Early and mostly previously unreleased recordings from Dundedin's The Strange Girls, a band that initially consisted of Clayton Noone, Kaaterama "Motty" Morehu and Jon Arcus. The Strange Girls existed on and off from 1999 up until Motty's passing in 2019 and left behind a peculiar trail of gems scattered around on a myriad of limited lathe cuts, cassettes and CDrs. It's OK To Be Happy focuses on the trio era - Jon Arcus left the band in 2002 - and starts at the very beginning with 'Satan', the first song at the first gig they ever played. Ten tracks of atmospheric bummer folk/downer rock with that unmistakable lo-fi Root Don Lone For Cash anything-goes approach, carefully sequenced into something that feels like the album that never was rather than just a compilation. Insert with liner notes to each track by Clayton Noone. Fördämning Arkiv 8.
  • It's OK To Be Happy (1999-2001)
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