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ESAD Portugal Pop: A Moda em Português 1970-2020 [Portugal Pop: Fashion in Portuguese 1970-2020]

PORTUGAL POP considers national fashion from the eve of the revolution, on April 25th, 1974, to the present day. By doing so, it seeks to understand the multiple ways in which our popular culture, history and collective memory were projected to contemporaneity through fashion, according to the creativity of designers of different generations, backgrounds, and languages. Rather than creating a linear and chronological discourse, what stands out from the last 50 years of our recent history is the inter-generational meetings and the reflection around such categories as “old” and “new”, “popular” and “erudite”, “rural” and “urban”.
  • Portugal Pop: A Moda em Portugus 1970-2020 [Portugal Pop: Fashion in Portuguese 1970-2020]
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