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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Cymande Cymande

My meeting with CYMANDE was purely chance caused by confusion of dates, for on the afternoon of 18th October 1971 in the basement of a club in Soho, London, I was due to see another group. The band were rehearsing, or rather what they termed as rehearsing was a troup of friends specially brought for the occasion and which seemed to increase as the afternoon went on shouting, chanting and jumping about like there was no tomorrow and this I later discovered was how it was everywhere the band played. I found myself caught up in an atmosphere of electric excitement and my brain pummelled with music and rhythms which had an incessant infectiousness. When I confronted the band and asked them to describe their music the answer came back very quickly and I might add with considerable pride “We are a NYAH-ROCK band man. We play NYAH-ROCK. It is our music. It describes the way we feel about life and people.” On this album I have tried to capture the excitement of this band. The music is unpretentious, extremely infectious but above all absolutely sincere. On stage CYMANDE are a joy to watch. The colour and movement is captivating and the music is simply - NYAH-ROCK – John Shroeder
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