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Lilocox Drums (Lata)

Yes, 43 tracks and over 80 minutes worth of private beats from back in the day. These were banged out by Lilocox for his own DJ sets while still fine tuning the skills that got him where he now stands - as a prominent figure in the Afro-portuguese dance music rhizome. House grooves outside of the continuum, informed by his Cape Verdean descent and a rough cut past as a young kid producing harsh batida polyrhythmia, both solo and as part of the now pretty legendary Piquenos DJs do Guetto crew with Firmeza and Maboku. So travel the spaceways with this smoothly mixed and blended set of music we thought criminal to just let sit as archival memory. Deep, sprawling house ambience + slick beats and further reaching Latin and African vibes, a more "tribal" stance. Lata was the derogatory term used by Lisbon's African night club owners to stamp out the outlawed music Ricardo and other fellow free spirited producers were creating 10, 12 years ago. But they proudly ran with it and turned Lata into an affectionate epithet for a certain standard, tinny sound typical of old school batida beats, most appropriate as a DIY message for this collection of pure and intuitive dance music.
  • Drums (Lata)
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