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Rainy Miller Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody)

This year sees Rainy Miller take a holiday from his Fixed Abode home to team up with The White Hotel’s off-shoot label HEAD II with his most ambitious project to date DESQUAMATION (Fire, Burn. Nobody). The project came at a difficult time for Miller who was both struggling to find much inspiration and interest in music along with working through complex emotional pain from his upbringing (“I felt entirely lost and uncertain with the position I’d found myself in, as a creative, in competition with myself…”) Miller utilises these struggles and worries and turns them on themselves as a medium for a deeper connection with his process and ultimately with the music (“…Desquamation came in a way in which I think I will always find necessary. The shedding of a skin that will continue to grow back. The symbiosis within me of creativity, amassed with struggle or pain. Music and art to me are a means to expel inner trauma and issue”) The end result is a full bloodied, emotionally visceral piece of work segueing and stretching across a sound world of contorted pop and laconic drill that will cement Miller’s position at the cutting edge of contemporary electronic music; pushing the culture to always move forwards. ~ All tracks, written, recorded, produced and mixed by Rainy Miller. Mastering by Calyx Mastering Breathe, Sigh. Additional production by Space Afrika + Maxwell Sterling Misery is as Misery Does. Additional Production by Jam City, Strings by Georgia Ellery (Jockstrap, Black Country New Road)
  • Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody)
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