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NPLGNN Hazy Pit / Inna Danza

Mutant soundsystem bullets from Naples badboy NPLGNN, coming off like the rude son of early ‘00s breakcore heroes like DJ Scud and DJ/rupture x Ossia x Pan Sonic, on a straight winner with YOUTH. Nowadays based in Barcelona, NPLGNN is the lad behind that killer MBE mixtape series and a ruck of gristly missiles for Reel Torque, Where To Now?, Hypermedium, and the Forever Now label he runs with Dave Saved. On his Youth debut, he murders the dancehall in two shots of ruthlessly overdriven, instrumental ragga scuzz, splicing Sleng Teng-style digi bassline with flash-it electro string stabs and rotor-jawed breakcore snares on the brawling lead ‘Hazy Pit’, then galvanising a bare boned tresillo bump with a snarling edge of distorted synth like some rogue Ossia x Pan Sonic jam with ‘Inna Daze’. No nonsense business. Run it!
  • Hazy Pit / Inna Danza
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