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Pavel Milyakov Project Mirrors

‘Project Mirrors’ debuts Milyakov on Nic Tasker’s label with a lush brace of club-adjacent creations distinctly recalling his work on Rassvet Records’ ‘Eastern Strike’ 12” or the spiralling vortices of the sought-after ‘City-2’ sessions. The eight beat-less yet propulsive works mark up his first solo flight under his own name since 2020, following an armful of interim collaborations with artists ranging from Alex Zhang-Hungtai to Bendik Giske, DJ Speedsick and Yana Pavlova that have proved, where necessary, the versatility and mutability of his trance-indebted works. Each cut flows with an energy oscillating from romantic to seething in a potently direct style that’s become a hallmark of all his work since the mid teens, and which is felt most powerfully here. Teetering in with the high-wire harmonics of ‘aapril’, the trip sharpens and refracts lines of hyper-melodics through thru kaleidoscopic turns bounding between the laser-guided focus of ‘202 days of summer’ and the curdled kosmiche finale ‘epic’. He pushes the levels to gibber-jawed, distorted trance ecstasy on ‘raveing’ and recalls 0PN jamming with Nebuchadnezzar on the roiling pulse of ‘runners’. There’s a exalted centrepiece of Eastern European-sounding choral motifs wrung out in glitching saccades on ‘choirs’, and ‘last dolphin’ scales darker heights of acid trance a la Live Adult Entertainment or DJLoser aces, while ‘august gtr’ fades out, arps cascadign like feathers from flying too close to the sun in the album’s penultimate throes.
  • Project Mirrors
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