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Piotr Kurek Peach Blossom

Polish composer Piotr Kurek returns to Mondoj with 'Peach Blossom', an album centered around sung and synthesised vocal harmonies, showcasing the composer’s gentle, uncanny approach to vocal treatments and arrangements. Pairing the vocals of Komi Togbonou and Martin Weigel (both actors of Münchner Kammerspiele) and spoken words by Chinese performer Xiangjie with MIDI and live recordings of various instruments like marimba, flutes, reeds as well as various percussion instruments, the Warsaw-based composer highlights the unique tonal and textural potential of the human voice. The title track perhaps illustrates this approach most strikingly, interweaving wordless layers of vocals that ebb and flow with natural grace. “Breathing” follows with a more abrupt, almost jazz-tinged atmosphere, whereas “Ds / The Moss Beneath'' is more orchestral, almost classical in its approach. The centerpiece of the album is the 12-minute opus “Martin Is Crying”, where the interplay between the vocal layers and glockenspiel resembles classic early renaissance music, while adding more range and harmony to the playful tone. 'Peach Blossom' is another theater-adjacent release following Kurek's acclaimed collection 'A Sacrifice Shall Be Made / All The Wicked Scenes' (2020). The album features music from a theatre performance at Münchner Kammerspiele in October 2021 titled ‘某种类似于我的地洞:心室片段 Heart Chamber Fragments’ (directed by Tian Gebing / Paper Tiger Theatre), as well as music composed following the completion of this project. ‘Peach Blossom’ is named after a fable written in the year 421 by Chinese poet Tao Yuanming which depicts life in harmony in perfect isolation from the outside world, unaware of it for centuries. Kurek’s aural interpretation builds on it even further, showcasing his incredible world-building ability, creating fascinating, absorbing music from the simplest of ingredients.
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