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n 1967 American abstract painter Ad Rheinhardt wrote a standard-issue postcard to the “War Chief” of the United States. On the postcard he had written a list of negations, such as “no napalm”, “no bombing”, “no injustice” and “no art in war”, “no art as war”, “no art about war”. In retrospect, this has become quite a contradiction, since the postcard itself is now considered to be an artwork. The negations leave no room for ambiguity, but the card itself creates the opposite of its intended content. I have a similar feeling towards activist art. I can see its purpose and will support this, yet cannot find myself producing work with such clear definitions. Still, when asked by Attenuation Circuit’s Sascha Stadlmeier in the beginning of 2022 to contribute to the ever growing music compilation Stop all Wars, I agreed. The track I created was pretty fierce and contained some of the fury I felt at that time towards war. It also made me think about the probable futility of doing something like this and I felt quite powerless. Still, this mixed bag of emotions and thoughts urged me to continue with the work, leading to this piece, divided in four parts. While working on it I felt a certain hopelessness about its initial purpose, which directed me to Rheinhardt’s work.
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