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Thomas Rohrer / Andreas Trobollowitsch / Sainkho Namtchylak Jeito de Ferver

Andreas Trobollowitsch, an Austrian sound artist, explores various rotating mechanical systems to create sound-emitting objects. His work focuses primarily on conceptual compositions, self-developed musical instruments, sound and drawing installations. Thomas Rohrer, a Swiss musician, plays the rabeca, (a Brazilian fiddle), and soprano saxophone. His work is largely based on free improvisation, but also engages in a dialogue with traditional Brazilian music. The collaboration between Trobollowitsch and Rohrer began in 2017 during joint concerts in Brazil where Trobollowitsch was based for some years and where Rohrer has been living for half of his life. In January 2021, they embarked on a duo project combining Trobollowitsch's rotating mechanical turntables equipped with branches, wood and dried leaves with Rohrer's soprano saxophone, small objects and rabeca. The initial recordings took place over the course of a week on a farm in rural Emmental, Switzerland. During their collaborative recording process, renowned singer Sainkho Namtchylak from the Tuva region contributed her captivating, versatile voice, which she has used to great effect in a variety of musical genres, including jazz and electronic music. In June 2021, the trio met for additional recordings in Poschiavo, in Italian-speaking Switzerland, where Namtchylak and Rohrer were living at the time. In January 2022, they reviewed and reworked the recorded material, resulting in six compositions. Focusing on the color of sound, the balance between roughness and fragile sound events, they created an album to be released on vinyl as "Jeito de Ferver" on the Portuguese label Sonoscopia in September of 2023. Their collaboration is an unlikely but representative example of fascinating cultural intersections that offer diverse, innovative and fundamental reflections on our future.
  •  Jeito de Ferver
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