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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Blod Ondskans Frö

"The seed of evil has been sown and all the trees have been infected. The trees infect the water, the animals, the air and the children. The fragmentation is becoming more and more apparent. Have the one you trusted the most turned its back on you? All of a sudden you are all alone. Can you drink the water? Dead fish float to the surface. The sky is slowly fading away. What do you do when the last day is here? Ondskans Frö ('The Seed Of Evil') is an album about the last day of the earth, when the evil forces finally has taken over both the people and the nature. The album starts in the morning and takes the listener through a 24 hour journey towards a new dawn where everything is gone. Recorded during April and May 2023, all music and instruments by Gustaf Dicksson. Paste-on artwork on re-used old record jackets. Edition of 500 copies."
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