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Pedro Lagoa Notas Para um Impulso Vulcânico / Notes Towards a Volcanic Impulse

«This was a particular feeling of which he himself was never free, which he had found confirmed by many others and which he assumed was shared by millions, a feeling that he was inclined to call a sense of ‘eternity’, a feeling of something limitless, unbounded — as it were ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ‘volcanic’.» In physics, heat is associated with the acceleration process of particles and elements. It increases their instability and potentiates the transformation and decomposition of matter in ways that usually occur through the action of time, while increasing their energy. Similarly, in politics, the fire of passions accelerates the flux of events and of history, propelling decompositions and transformations, destabilising ideas of order and injecting a renewed level of entropy in the systems it affects. Through a set of drawings and a collection of archive images and texts on the close relationship between fire and humanity — and the role it plays in the construction of ideas of civilization —, this publication weaves a series of predominantly visual narratives that cross different times and geographies laying out a speculative and deliberately inconclusive investigation into the existence — or not — of what could perhaps be termed as a «volcanic impulse».
  • Notas Para um Impulso Vulcnico / Notes Towards a Volcanic Impulse
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