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Saoirse The Monogamous EP

Peach Discs hits 20 releases, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than with an EP from our dear friend Saoirse, who leans into her past as a drummer to deliver five techy rollers in her signature tough but sensual style. In her own words: “Vampire Heart and Catfished were written in the midst of lockdown - I was spending so much time in the studio (even sleeping there some nights) and was really able to explore different sounds and vibes. Vampire Heart still gives me a strange feeling as it was written the day the government announced that we had passed the peak of Covid and might be able to go outside again, something I tried to convey with the pads and break - that positive feeling of opening up. Conversely, Catfished was written during Covid’s peak - it felt like we were on this haunting loop that just kept going round and round, not knowing when it would end. Mangomouse and Heated Cloud were written more recently and tie into what I’m calling “my tribal era.” I was a drummer for years but put the sticks and djembe down once I found electronic music… this is a path I think I’ll keep following as the rhythm comes naturally to me.” We’re thrilled to have Saoirse on the label, hope you like the record.
  • The Monogamous EP
  • The Monogamous EP
  • The Monogamous EP
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