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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Special Edition with 6 Exodus Stations Booklets. Exodus Stations questions heritage, museums of material culture and their history through the perspective of contemporary art. It organises research and artistic projects that are set in natural history, history, ethnology and cultural artefact museums. Contemporary artists are invited to research in the photographic archives of these museums and follow the history of these museums and the way in which they contributed to the production of knowledge. The projects results from collaborations between artists, museum curators and other researchers. Starting from the visual archives and the way in which the objects and the history has been represented, the artists discover how historic objects have been politicised, valued, stored, transmitted and instrumentalised. The project is meant like a critical tool of self-evaluation of institutional policy, cultural and historic narrative, public education. The results of the projects are directed to museum audience, to specialised and non-specialised public. The artistic output will be shown in the museums (installations, screenings, talks, workshops) and aims to stimulate the critical reception of history and its objects. They provoke the viewer to find alternative ways in which history can be read and interpreted. Many of these installations result in devices that are implemented permanently or temporary in the museums and represent new display structures. Each project is also issuing a small publication. A theoretical edited volume is in preparation.
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