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RENé BERTHOLO Um Argentino no Deserto

This story began when I had to learn something about electronics, in order to make objects with electric movement, which I call “small-scale models”, and which I was making between 1963 and 1973. In 1973, when tired of repairs I had decided to give up making them, a friend gave me one of those musical boxes with a handle, a drum bristling with prickles and a steel comb. Although I had seen similar ones, that particular one fascinated me and I had an urge to make one like it, but using electronics. That is how my first “Makina” was born – one could describe it as of a digital, programmable type of synthesizer which has gone through different phases since then and taken on various shapes which even today are still ongoing. At first it was a machine which produced sounds, but I inevitably became more and more interested in its musical possibilities. Not having had any musical training, and knowing little of electronics I wanted to learn by “trial and error” and had doubts as to whether the sounds I produced could be considered as music. For this reason I calledit “Mosik”. I wanted to “play” a different kind of music from what we hear on records and tapes. I am not trying to imitate sounds made by the instruments we are familiar with today, but, if similarity does exist, I am not going to turn my back on it. This “Makina” which plays by itself is made up two parts: one that allows the programming of a fixed electronic memory which we refer to as the program, and one that plays and contains the “instruments”. Only this part is present when we give a “disconcert” in public.
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