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V/A Remains of Lucifer

"Remains of Lucifer" presents eight new soundtracks for Kenneth Anger's film "Invocation of my Demon Brother" (1969). Each of the soundtracks was composed with magnetic tape loops, following the haunted trail opened by Mick Jagger, who was originally invited by Anger to compose the film's soundtrack. This special edition includes a zine with original artwork by Helena Vieira, Manuel Pereira and Marco Galrito. credits released June 7, 2017 Music composed by Inês Silva, Miguel Branco, Ricardo Amélio, Pedro Moço, Vasco Casula, Diogo Rodrigues, Elena Feduchi, João Duarte, Marta Ramos and Sérgio Lamego. Devised by Alexandre Estrela, selection by Alexandre Estrela and Fernando Fadigas master and mix by Fernando Fadigas. Cover artwork by Filipa Cordeiro.
  • Remains of Lucifer
  • Remains of Lucifer
  • Remains of Lucifer
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