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JEAN-MARIE MASSOU La Citerne de Coulanges

"At the end of the 70’s, the young adult Jean-Marie Massou left the region of Seine-et-Marne, France, to follow his mother’s return to the family’s native area, Le Lot. On the way he briefly stopped in Coulanges-La-Vineuse, where he recorded his laments on cassette, singing popular and traditional songs into a giant water tank. This was the start of many recordings and messages to mankind. Almost 40 years later, Jean-Marie let’s us hear one of his precious tapes from this period. Rough, brut recordings of his voice, occasionally accompanied by rocks thrown against the tank walls. « La Citerne de Coulanges » is the second volume of the series Sodorome, an edition of recordings by Jean-Marie Massou, who, living in complete isolation in the middle of the Bourriane forest produced over several decades of staggering work. Literally hundreds of cassettes, engraved stones, and tons of rubble displaced in order to dig kilometers of underground galleries, as if traces of his ultimate mission."
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