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ELECTRONIC SOUND Issue 43 & Vinyl Bundle

ISSUE 43 MAGAZINE & VINYL BUNDLE From its beginnings in 1958, the legend of The Radiophonic Workshop continues to grow. For this month’s cover feature, we report on an intimate 60th anniversary celebration of the Workshop and interview many of the key players of this trailblazing institution. We also examine the myth of Delia Derbyshire and talk to the last composer to leave the building when the BBC decided to wind down the Workshop in the late 1990s. Elsewhere this issue, we have an exclusive extract from the new The The biography ‘‘Long Shadows, High Hopes: The Life And Times Of Matt Johnson & The The’, in which we find Matt Johnson in a bit of a bind in deepest South America on the video shoot from hell, and catch up the legendary Jon Hassell, who is making the music of his life at a mere 81 years old. Age means nothing round these parts. THE RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP SEVEN-INCH SINGLE This month’s exclusive music offer is a limited edition seven-inch featuring two Radiophonic Workshop tracks, both of which are making their vinyl debut. On one side is ‘Strange Beacons’, which explores the classic Workshop dystopian themes of detachment and remoteness. One of the drone sequences here is from unused tapes discovered in Delia Derbyshire’s attic after her death. On the other side is ‘Mind The Gap’, co-created by Workshop veteran Dick Mills and long-time associates Kieron Pepper and Bob Earland, which takes us on a trip on London’s Underground. Both are essential, so make sure you don’t miss out.



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