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CIVILISTJäVEL! Civilistjävel!

(2nd Press - Plain Insert Sleeve, No Cover) The first officially available material from the ultra-covert Civilistjavel! project - primarily active in Sweden in the 1990s, their work has never been properly documented outside of their own private tape/CDR-trading networks. How we stumbled upon this intimate, diaristic but amazingly fully-realised body of work - created mostly using Juno60 and Korg MS20 - is a story for another time, for now just allow us some satisfaction that it hasn't been lost to the world, as so easily could've been the case. Music made with no audience in mind, but simply to suit itself: cold-world, dronal minimal synth and ambient techno ice-scapes, austere but full of nameless, 30-days-of-night yearning. Existential electronics of the highest order! Listen to the clips...this one truly speaks for itself.
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