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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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SIMON HOLD Maqam Bruxelloise / Dhajij Doux

Vlek return with a smartly contrasting side from Simon Hold, taking the city of Brussels as his muse for a pair of alternately lush and impending analogue electronic expressions following from the label’s issue of Yann Leguay’s Headcrash. A-side yields the arabesque beauty, Maqam Bruxelloise, as heard on Vlek’s Label Of The Month mix for RA in 2016. A mesmerising, improvised moire of microtonal vamps and the kind of scuffed dancehall shimmy you might expect to hear on a Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe record, Maqam Bruxelloise can be heard as an impressionistic study of Brussels’ overlapping multi-cultural patchwork, meshing Arabic modes of improvisation with gear and tones maybe more commonly associated with classic cold wave or some early Sub Rosa oddity. In a stark contrast of mood, the B-side’s Dhajij Doux hammers out a tense, pounding proto-techno tattoo comparable with Suicide or Powell, layered up with salty noise and a bleep cadence hanging between melancholy and panic, owing to the more hostile and turbulent aspects of the same city.
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