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VARIOUS Fragments Du Monde Flottant

DEVENDRA BANHART presents a very unique & precious compilation featuring his best friends never heard before demos. Among them some of the yesterday and today’s most talented musicians and singers of the folk-pop-experimental scene. This handprinted album comes randomly in six different colored cardboard featuring one of six Devendra’s drawing. " I’ve always loved demos , often much more than the final version , in fact , my favorite John Lennon song is a demo , its called Friend of Dorothy , it’s a masterpiece… This is an album of demos. you know who doesn’t like demos? the people who make them , that’s who ! wait , wait…. that’s not true …. they do like their demos …. but they are definitely not gonna let anyone hear them anytime soon … they have big big plans for these songs…. Fortunately , i don’t mind being extremely annoying when it comes to bothering/begging my friends to let me hear... more credits released March 1, 2019 ARTHUR RUSSELL The previously unreleased "Not Checking Up” is from the wealth of material that made up the sessions for World Of Echo 1985-86 Written and Produced by Arthur Russell Published by Echo & Feedback Newsletter Music (ASCAP) Courtesy of Audika Records LLC VASHTI BUNYAN written and produced by Vashti Bunyan Published by Spinneysongs. "It was my first attempt at writing and recording after a thirty year break, recorded at home on my first computer 😊 .. It is still my favourite song." JOSIAH STEINBRICK written and produced by Josiah Steinbrick “Sketch of the last song I ever composed on guitar with the intention of possibly using it for myself. Thoughtlessly recorded late one evening in a room with dim yellow light. Los Angeles, California. Autumn 2012.” DIANE DENOIR written by Diane Denoir & composed by Giusso "Pippo" Bellanca "when i came back to Uruguay in 1971, after have lived for 3 years in Europe, Pippo (Giusso Bellanca) composed this songs that reflected poetically my awareness of my country's political and social reality." MATTEAH BAIM written and produced by Matteah Baim "Coming up with Blossom- When you can’t beat a creeping sadness in spring, a kind of re-imaging of that crushing feeling of not aligning with beautiful things as a dramatic piece- starring Gravity as the lead- -AKA relief when things are falling." JANA HUNTER written and produced by Jana Hunter courtesy of Ribbon Music "i was trying to write a song for a split with an artist i admire. it's about dragging a new better self out of the charred remnants of your previous iteration." HELADO NEGRO written and produced by Helado Negro "Lentamente was the first demo and song I wrote for my album Invisible Life. It’s about forgetting your old mind and knowing that you will have a new mind." NILS FRAHM written by Nils Frahm courtesy of Captured Tracks
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