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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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OT TO, NOT TO It Loved To Happen

The trees dance with the wind, producing a sweet, satisfying chorus of murmuring whispers. Yet, the tree is not said to have caused this music on it’s own. In much the same way the artist relays a song that he has heard in his mind, without knowing why or how it arose there. Inside the artist’s mind he feels suffering in the absence of joy and joy in the absence of suffering. If he can find where the joy arises from, he will go searching there for more, thinking therein there is no suffering to be had. If he can find where the suffering arises from, he will avoid going there, thinking therein there is no joy to be had. In this way he runs in circles. He spins so tight and fast that the threads in his clothes produce a sweet, satisfying chorus of murmuring whispers. This he puts to tape or canvas. He yearns to be able to stand still, free of dizziness and just observe what has always been in front and around him, even if it is just empty space. He yearns for calm. He yearns for silence. He yearns to find that thing that teaches him stillness, and if he finds it, he will love it more than he could ever love himself. “It Loved to Happen” is a collection of murmuring whispers about this feeling of yearning.
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