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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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Tempo Dischi is a new Italian label, manufactured and distributed by Rush Hour, created on a mission to discover and repress classics gems of the italo disco, afro and cosmic scene. The 001 is one of the key projects of the underground Italo Disco scene: Steel Mind. Originally produced in 1982, the release has been remastered and re-packaged, and is set for an official vinyl only release on 8th March 2019. ‘It was the end of the '70s and at that time Disco Music was very popular. I was in a band called Caelestium, and we were playing in the most important clubs in Italy…Around the beginning of the 80s, I started to feel the desire to make a different kind of sound and I decided to start my solo project creating songs like 'Boss Man' and 'Lionel' that were closer to the Krautrock style’ recalls Piero Torsani, the producer behind this project. The Tempo Dischi collective is responsible of a club friendly edit of ‘Boss Man’. And after a deeper search into Pietro Torsani’s original music archive, an unreleased track has surfaced we could not resist to give to the world: 'Summer in The City’ featuring the voice of Marisa Lucà, at that time singer of Caelestium.
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